In real life sticky black ink pools at the tip of my writing pen it bleeds onto my fingernail–the ugly one that was slammed in the front door I lick my fingernail, wipe it on my sleeve but the ink stays, it cannot be deleted– which almost surprises me. I stare at the page. my handwriting is… Read More IRL


A windchime shutters to life. Little had I thought of a windchimes need for chaos and swirl. “Be the windchime” I realize as practice closes and in perfect timing I am set to step into Now, despite the unpredictable circumstances and clouds, those pushing undercurrents, life’s unavoidable buoys and lifts, life’s twisting gates, opening and… Read More Windchime


Fall apart, let loose into creation Let my hair down, like a poet would do Dance a sexy dance, for no one Write off my obsessions and idols Lower them until we see eye to eye Kiss them Open my mouth and let love in Get places on time step by step, cover the basics… Read More To-Do