I will never love again. That’s how it feels. First, she started peeing on the mat outside the litter box. Next, on my boyfriend’s pillow. Then she stopped sleeping in the bed with me. For three months or so, she “yowled” at night. Then, shortly after we got a puppy, she stopped doing that. We… Read More Cats


All I know is new beginnings. That’s what I told him in my latest attempt to avoid the possibility of heartache, like ever. It’s like, if I cut my own arm off it won’t hurt as bad. I will still be in control. Everything is water and matter, water and matter. Work is matter, rest… Read More Yin

Anatomy of a Good Man

Eyes that see inner beauty Nose that smells trouble Mouth that chooses words carefully Neck that strains to see the good in people Arms that both build and cradle Stomach that is grateful Legs that know hardwork Knees that still knock Feet that feel the sun Mind that seeks the source