All I know is new beginnings. That’s what I told him in my latest attempt to avoid the possibility of heartache, like ever. It’s like, if I cut my own arm off it won’t hurt as bad. I will still be in control. Everything is water and matter, water and matter. Work is matter, rest… Read More Yin


Awakened a spark of inspiration in the twirl of a girls umbrella at a school bus stop blue and pink it makes me think there is a miracle in every lighted kitchen window at the end of every road and inside of every home tortured souls collide favorably with their expectations frightfully forgiving human nature,… Read More Light


In real life sticky black ink pools at the tip of my writing pen it bleeds onto my fingernail–the ugly one that was slammed in the front door I lick my fingernail, wipe it on my sleeve but the ink stays, it cannot be deleted– which almost surprises me. I stare at the page. my handwriting is… Read More IRL