Did I dream her up? I met her in the vegetable garden. It was sometime near my fifth birthday. I was fingering the dense pumpkin stocks and their broad leaves like wall insulation to the touch–misleadingly soft and cozy. Like a five year old herself. She appeared there beyond the ripe orange globes. She stared… Read More Esther

Cabin Door

When the cabin door was pulled shut at night I could let out my big breath. I always felt ill at ease when my Dad’s buddies were around and they were always around. Didn’t work. None of ‘em. I wished they would go home to their trailers down the road. And they would for a… Read More Cabin Door


Permitting my mind to wander like a small child in a meadow back before the tablets and animated games when one would examine the grasses and discover its many kinds– Rattlesnake grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, the type with edible lavender or buttercup flowers Nature was as close to a child as the chest of a mother… Read More Nostalgic