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From Pain to Joy

Let it rain pain
Whether daybreak or night fall
let your feelings shatter upon themselves
Thunder your ugliest thoughts
Let the lightning illuminate your way
Take paths not taken before
Be creative
Discover your gold
in the rubble
Know sorrow now
to know Joy tomorrow

9 thoughts on “From Pain to Joy”

  1. Dear Terah, Today a year ago our granddaughter died. self inflicted choking. Not to kill herself but to get high Your poem today speaks to my heart. I think it is one ofthe best you have written. Very clear pictures. God bless you, Martha Hodges

    1. It has really been a year? Wow. I did that when I was young too. I remember it well.

      I wrote another poem one time, it was “How High” “How high must I get? High enough that it hurts when I fall?” I can’t remember the rest but I wish I did so I could share it with you right now, Martha. Your granddaughter and I have something in common. A stupid sense of bravery. I am sorry.

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