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Peace & Nudity

your face
your neck
your breasts
young thing
show ’em what
they can’t have
Let’s just hope
they don’t come
claim what isn’t
What pale man
is so infamous for
Be yourself
But let’s pray,
cross our fingers
for Peace & Nudity

11 thoughts on “Peace & Nudity”

  1. I loved the poem, and also the idea that you can be and dress as you like without interference from others. It’s a lovely concept, but hard to find in practise I fear

    1. I fear too.

      Thank you so much for commenting. I have no idea what I’m talking about as usual–I still perceive things like an adolescent girl getting eye-fucked. Only, I’m grown up now so its OK. Or is it?

  2. It isn’t illegal here but rarely practiced off the beaches. However there are marathons here where the runners are nude… However, I think that shall have to be fodder for a blog post. 🙂 x

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