Midday Memoirs of a Writer

Six dollars well spent on coffee today. I wrote a shit-ton!
Six dollars well spent on coffee today. I wrote a shit-ton!

I’m not exactly a morning person. But I am a mid-morning person.

Because I’m self-employed I should be allowing myself to begin my workday at eleven.

I don’t because I’m afraid eleven would turn into noon and it gets dark at four-thirty now so what-the-hell.

This morning I stumbled into work at ten-thirty and promptly spent six dollars on coffee (two trips). Suddenly it’s one p.m. and I haven’t even done any computer work. Just erratic journal writing. My head could explode with energy and I’m hoping that remains true as I sit down to type, momentarily.

I’ve tried scheduling hobbies in the evening but my energy dips by five p.m. and I never make it to six-thirty Zumba class or the poetry readings on Thursdays at seven-thirty or the Poetry Slams that happen every second Saturday of the month.

There is only a window of time that I am extroverted enough for those things and that time is mid-morning/mid-afternoon. When everyone else is taking lunch breaks and naps.

2 thoughts on “Midday Memoirs of a Writer

  1. Terah, being a morning person, my slump comes in the early afternoon. Unfortunately my french class is from 3-5 each Wednesday. So I do share your frustrations with these windows of opportunity. Despite being a morning person, I often tend to burn the candle at both ends. When we start creating, we don’t stop for some arbitrary numbers on a clock! I sense a wonderful new energy in you and like where this is going. Well done!

    1. Lea!

      You’re right–when the energy is flowing, it doesn’t matter the time of day. Take now for example, I’m sitting in a super uncomfortable position and have been for an hour or two. I was going to get a cup of coffee–but I got sucked into writing instead. I wanted the coffee the whole time, instead I just wrote. I am unsure if I want the coffee anymore at all, because what I set out to do is now done.

      Thank you for your insight & comment. As always.

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