Anything But Sweet!

Dear Readers,

Don’t be fooled–my blog has a new name! It will now be called “Anything But Sweet!” inspired by the ladies in my writer’s group, Cake Balls, who claim my outward appearance doesn’t give enough warning to the reader, doesn’t match up, or what the fuck EVER!

I’m a big fan of makeovers. You’ll notice my blog has a new name, and a new look! Compliment her, and she will love you forever. FYI Gmail started sending all my WordPress emails to the trash/spam which means I missed out on a few of your lovely posts. Facehookin’, Poetry of a Madman, you there? I’ve corrected the issue and hope to be back in the game, reading your posts and posting more myself. Lookin’ forward to the next season of blog!

4 thoughts on “Anything But Sweet!

    1. That’s good, because like those people who are constantly changing their hairstyle, I’m forever changing my blog! Just trying to find something that works while avoiding upgrading to the premium themes or fancy-shmancy fonts (which I love). My blog changes with my mood. I’m glad you like it. What’s most important to me is that it’s “readable” as in the text is large enough and there is little distracting form it. I quite like your blog too 🙂

      Thanks again

    1. Hey Jane!

      I’ve been trying to find something that works, and I think I finally have 🙂 The lesson learned for me is: simple is better. More specifically, solid color backgrounds seem to work better than image or pattern backgrounds, but that’s just me. 🙂

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