How many would
love to see me
like this
how many
ex-lovers that
I shorted,
traded in
for one another
I am pained,
it is true
my insides ache
my face is blue
my smile frowns
eyebrows down
not flattering
in the least
I strip
I beg
I claw at
the windows
in my red slip
I try it all
I try so
to summon you
with my mind
I beg
I wonder
where you are
I am red
I am done
I am in for
the kill
I am hunting
and you
are hunted


Fantasy, much as I worship it,
pains me
at the end of the day
reality escapes me
Love dances around me
I cast my net far and wide
and to the side
confusing as the world turns,
my heart never stops for directions
When my flaws are on display I
feel short-changed and weak
Outcome my powerarmbands like
Wonder Woman
Do you know Wonder Woman
begged to be dominated?
She did

Little Robby

Some people are firestarters
others rain
others rock
women are animals
that men hunt
men are butterflies that
can’t ever really be caught
I am free and I am burdened
I use the fire to get me hot
I put it out when I get lost
I was never my mother’s
not even in the womb
a psychic on Alder street said
when the seed was planted
I was bloomed
I raged out of her fists up and
how do I shake it?
Angry babies are not funny
they just try to fake it
I was always my father’s child
If at a distance
I was a grown man,
a grown woman
I am fire, ice
all of it

Love in Chains

Am I seeing you
or seeing things?
Was it your truck,
your face in my
waking dream?
Place me
in front of you
don’t waste me
It’s not him
It’s not him
I need to taste you
She wasted
away when
she intended
to take flight
Why crash course
me, why not time?
Why not now?
Do you have a
problem or your
own vendetta?
Why so hard
Why so hard
Why doesn’t loving
get better?
My love’s not
free anymore
it’s bolted and
My desire used
to fly in the wind
now it lays in the
I’m cross
I’m brash
I’m nasty
It’s not him
It’s not him
I need to taste you